About Us

Soapstone Heating Systems Inc. is the sole Canadian distributor for the unique line of high quality soapstone fireplaces, stoves and bakeovens, manufactured by Tulikivi in Finland.
We have supplied Tulikivi fireplaces to customers across Canada through a network of regional representatives, and we focus our business on developing a personal relationship with each new Tulikivi owner. That’s why we provide our customers with advice and technical expertise throughout the entire process of choosing, installing and using their Tulikivi products.
Soapstone Heating Systems Inc. is owned and operated by Daniel Boitier for over 25 years, and whose family in his native Switzerland can look back at a long tradition of owning custom-built, heat-retaining stoves and fireplaces.
Daniel Boitier lives near Williams Lake in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Since he has two Tulikivi products – a fireplace with bakeoven, and a cookstove – he can pass on first-hand knowledge of the product with confidence to each new Tulikivi owner.